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About a week ago, someone asked me why I hadn't written much about the election.  Truth be told, there's not a lot worth saying.

I suspect a large majority of people reading this has already decided to vote for Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump.  Of the remaining people, a majority of them live outside what FiveThirtyEight calls "tipping point states."  So if you live in, say, Massachusetts or Indiana, your vote is of little consequence.  But In case there are a couple of you left, here are some thoughts.

Dislike both candidates so much that you plan not to vote?  Then you are letting emotions stop you from making a difficult and unpleasant choice.  In that way, you're just like most modern politicians, who also hide behind emotions and dogma to avoid tackling the difficult and unpleasant issues.  We're seeing how badly that turns out right now.  Work on choosing the "least worst" compromise and urge the people you elect to do the same.

Planning to write in a vote for Bernie Sanders or Evan McMullin?  Effectively what you are saying with your vote is "I dislike my party's candidate so much I'm willing to let someone win who has views even less like my own."  If you start a civil war while an enemy is massing troops on your border, it's not going to end well either way.

Planning to vote for Gary Johnson?  I can respect your belief that neither party shares your world view and that the U.S. two-party system is badly in need of shaking up.  However, good goals don't benefit from lousy tactics.  Instead of trying to play on a national stage, the Libertarian party should be trying to establish itself at the grassroots level.  Learn from the political blunders of your vice presidential candidate and don't spend your limited resources on a token appearance on a national stage.

Planning to vote for Jill Stein?  I would suggest you take "think globally, act locally" literally and also leave the national stage for later.   But given your candidate's prediliction for ignoring facts which don't agree with her preconceived views and biases, I think you're less likely to take that advice than Johnson voters.

Like most elections, this one will be decided on emotion rather than issues.  In the next few weeks, I plan to write about a few issues, but I have no illusion that they'll matter until after November.  But despite fantasies of Trump firing himself or Clinton having to wear an orange jumpsuit, barring assassination one of them will be taking the oath in January.  If you are "lucky" enough to live in a state where your Presidential vote matters, please take the effort to make the least worst choice.
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